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     I started writing this little blog of mine as a means to express things I was thinking about, random things that passed my mind, ideas that I believed in and mostly people that inspired me. I’m not someone who writes or ‘sketches’ a lot as you’re going to notice, and I normally only present it to a small group of friends, but when I do so it’s usually because I was touched by something, may it be something that might look random and irrelevant to you, something small, something big, but definitively something that has left its trace in me. And this is precisely what AUB-OC (AUB’s Online Collaborative) has done to me. AUB-OC are a group of students from the American University of Beirut who seek to gather those of us that are interested in social media and those that are experienced in digital media in order to promote better and active citizenship through social media means. I first heard about AUB-OC when my friend Lana told me about it and encouraged me to sign up. And that’s what we both did, we signed up. I thought signing up was the first step in getting involved, but I ashamedly didn’t. See, some of us take excuses in exams and busy schedules. I’m not saying I didn’t have a busy schedule, I did, but these people who were behind Social Media Conference Changing Lives conference yesterday did too, if not more; yet, they managed to pull off one of the most interesting, entertaining and most importantly professional events I have been to. A couple of days before this event, I was looking into the schedule that AUB-OC had posted online and this is where I realized how much effort and work these students have put in order to make this conference happen. I will not cover the events and presentations that took place through the conference for these will most probably be available later on. I will just say that I consider myself  lucky to have been part of this conference and lucky to have met or got to know better some of these people. Mohammad, Loulwa, Youmna, Malek, Jim, Raghd, Weam, Hadi, Mazen, Omar, and all those I didn’t get to know on a more personal level I would just like to present you with my profound respect and esteem, you Rocked it! You honestly are the true inspiration, an inspiration to always outgrow ones limits, plans and dreams, big thank you to all of you!


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  2. ‘Analyse’ I think there’s a big chance I might know you since obviously you were working for SMCL, but I won’t look further to find out who you are (even though I’m really tempted to), I just wanted to say you’re absolutely right, it’s the little changes that occur during our daily lives, the simple things that make the difference, I just hope to level up to that and thank you for the tag! Late reply in answering you, one of the reasons: reading your posts, there are some really great ones, and I love the way you write in arabic and the style of that writing, best of luck will be checking the blog often,

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